Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dang Weezy!

Things just keep gettin worse for my guy Weezy! First jail, now hes being sued for copyright infringement. According to Hollywood Reporter, the guy that did the skits on 5* Stunna didn't get paid (which apparently is a problem with the YM crew). But here's my thing. I dont know the exact technicality of the process of the lawsuit but to raise a suit 3 years later....seems kind of shady to me. But i aint worried like Weezy Say "now let me start by sayin i dont like this beat, but weather the storm like a lightning streak" I think it'll fall through, or get resolved in a settlement. Best of luck to Weezy before he hits the bars. (They dont kno this gon' skyrocket his career yet, same with T.I.)

NEW YORK -- A Florida man wants rappers Lil Wayne and Birdman to show him respect -- for using his voice on a song with that title.
Thomas Marasciullo filed a copyright infringement lawsuit Friday in a Manhattan federal court against the rappers, their record label and various music distribution outlets.

The lawsuit says Cash Money Records had him record some "Italian-styled" repartee in 2006. The suit says his work was used without pay or permission on "Respect" and other tracks from the rappers' joint 2006 album "Like Father, Like Son" and Birdman's 2007 album "5 Star Stunna."

A lawyer and representatives for the label didn't immediately return messages.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for Marasciullo, who lives in Florida's Hernando County.

--Hollywood Reporter

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