Friday, September 10, 2010

A Thousand Suns

Here is the Documentary about the making of the album- it does show some inside to making the album and the outside pressure from the label, as it isn't a traditional album and may not have the traditional commercial appeal. I applaud them for their efforts with this album as you can tell they did it the way they wanted. Even though its only about 48 min long, the songs leave an impact as audio clips of Robert Oppenheimer, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mario Savio to give a somewhat triumphant feel and rise against attitude. I think this album took what Minutes to Midnight was doing and advanced on it and took it in a number of different directions. Where they come from & Wretches & kings bring you the hip hop feel from Mike and that hard/heavy rock/rap.  Robot boy shows chester's singing and I really like the lyrics with it. For me listening to the album again with the lyrics made it even better. Messenger at the end gives u an acoustic and emotional display by Chester. On Blackout, you get the heavy screams from chester but then the change up of melody and softer sound toward the end with Mike. My favorite combo of songs would be the Wisdom, Justice & Love interlude to Iridescent. Just the lyrics and the emotional power of the song really hit me. I loved the album and with every listen it gets better. Deep down I always wish artists would put more songs on an album but I'll deal. 3 yrs since the last album and they came through in my opinion even though many critics so far haven't been fond of it, But who cares right?  So I'll be making my purchase, even though I wasn't able to hold out to Tuesday like for Drake's Thank Me Later, listening to this album before hand was worth it. Linkin Park never disappoints and continues to give me reason to make them my favorite music group no matter the genre.

Thousand Suns Lyrics

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