Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2009

Honorable Mention- Wale- Attention Deficit

First, I'll start out with my 2 bonus albums that didn't quite make my top ten but still were excellant albums. Wale's Attention Deficit continued the rookie trend of rappers that are going to transcend the game and continue to transform. Filled with emotional filled hip-hop songs, Wale brings something new to music that has you yearning for more and truely listening to the lyrics.
Favorite Tracks: "Diary" "Beautiful Bliss" feat J. Cole & Melanie Fiona

Honorable Mention- Mr Hudson- Straight No Chaser
Mr. Hudson, who has already been featured on Hov's and Yeezy's albums, makes his album debut under Kanye's label and proves that he can make beautiful music. With his unique voice and pouding beats, this album the whole way through brings something that you havent heard before.
Favorite Tracks: "Time" "Everything is Broken" feat Kid Cudi

#10 Jay-Z - Blueprint III
While Blueprint 3, probably didn't measure up to expectations, with all the collabos and great producers on the album, it made it a must for purchase. Hov proves he is still on top of his game with hit after hit. Empire state of mind will be the anthem for new york for the rest of time, run this town will be a sports anthem for generations, and haters will continue to make me laugh.
Favorite Tracks: "Empire State of Mind" feat Alicia Keys, "Haters" feat Kanye West, "Everyday a Star is Born" feat J. Cole

#9 Lil Wayne- No Ceilings
The most anticipated mixtape of the year and Wayne came through, making this mixtape an instant classic and almost up there with the drought series. No ceilings proved that wayne, who has been experimenting with rock/autotune futuristic music, when it comes to rap, he is second to none- especially when ripping other people's tracks. This is the reason people love Weezy and cannot wait till the Carter 4.
Favorite Tracks: "Sweat Dreams" feat Nicki Minaj, "Single", "Wasted" "Throw it in the Bag" "I Love Her"

#8 Onerepublic- Waking Up
A slept on group right here who has been one of my favorite since their debut back in 2006 with apologize. This album is similar to their unique sound but they also bring some new sounding songs. Their instrumental creation are one of the main reasons i love their songs, given why "Fear" is one of my favs off this album. They continue to make wonderful music and you have probably heard a few Ryan Tedder(Lead singer of One Republic) productions (Halo, Bleeding Love, & More)
Favorite Tracks: "Fear" "Missing Persons 1 & 2" "All This Time" "Secrets"

#7 The-Dream- Love vs. Money
An underrated R n B album which was wonderful cuz nobody does music like the Dream and Tricky Stewart. With no grammy nods, no wonder he was not too happy with it. The dream brings futuristic pop/r n b, that no one else is doing, and his productions and features are always hits. This whole album lives up to his first album Love/Hate which was a classic and this measures up to it. Just listen to "Fancy" all the way through and the magic of the Dream will show through.
Favorite Tracks: "Fancy" "Right Side of Ya Brain" "Love Vs Money Pt. 2" "Mr. Yeah"

#6 A Day To Remember- Homesick
One of my only screamo punk bands that I like. Their combination of screaming and melody filled songs captured my attention when I first heard them. This album brings more of what you are used to with ATDR, but it is songs like "If it means a lot to You" that really catch my ear. ATDR brought one of the best albums of the year and I always love new music from them.
Favorite Tracks: "Have Faith in Me" "If it means a lot to You" "Homesick" "NJ Legion Iced Tea"

#5 Trey Songz- Ready
Songz really stepped his game up for his album "Ready". Hit after hit, he brings more than you would think, and its a cd you can listen all the way through. I didn't have high expectations, but it came through and it was plugged on repeat for a good amount of time for me.
Favorite Tracks: "Yo Side of the Bed", "Hollalude/Holla if Ya Need Me", "Say Ahh","Black Roses", "Love Lost"

#4 Maxwell- BLACKsummers'night
When I think of Maxwell, I think of Love & Basketball and this Women's Worth cover. I mean it had been 9 years since he had come out with an album, but this album made it seems like he never left with this instant classic that reminded us of the classic r n b sound from back in the day. Something that is some relaxing and soulful, it was one of my tops for the year.
Favorite Tracks: "Pretty Wings" "Stop the World" "Fistful of Tears" "Bad Habits"

#3 Alicia Keys- The Element of Freedom
Miss Keys Album was my most anticipated album overall. Every 2 years, I yearn for new music from her, and she didn't dissapoint. Its hard to compare to her previous albums, but I did love this album. She widens her horizans on her music with new sounds and it definitly works. Songs like "Put it in a love song" w/beyonce let her go in a totally different realm. "Love is Blind" brings an 808 and heartbreak sound to it and the single "Try sleeping with a broken heart" brings that power ballad that hits straight to the heart. The collabo with Drake "Unthinkable" is a memorable song that will be a transcending song. "How it Feels to Fly" is an inspirational song make you feel like you can do anything. If it weren't for Drake & Cudi, this would have been the top album of the year, but it doesn't take anything away from this classic. From the prince sounding "This Bed" too "Wait till you see my smile" the album brings a diverse but wonderful combination of songs to a classic of an album.
Favorite Tracks: "Unthinkable", "How it feels to Fly" "This Bed" "Wait till you see my smile"

#2 Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon: The End of Days
Kid Cudi's music is something that is unexplainable and that is why i am a huge fan. It presents raw emotion and truth to his music. Man on the Moon: End of Days is like a movie and tells a unique story through music. I can listen to it over and over through and through, and it never gets old. Tracks like "Sountrack to my Life" tell his life story and the story goes from being dark "Solo Dolo" to Happiness "Cudi Zone". Kid Cudi brings a whole new factor to music and this album was one of the top ones of 2009.
Favorite Tracks: "Cudi Zone" "Alive" "Soundtrack to my Life" "Pursuit of Happiness" "Solo Dolo" "Up, Up, and Away"

#1 Drake- So Far Gone
The top album of the year in my mind, and it was only a mixtape. Initially hearing Drake, I knew this was something I would love, and really I got hooked on Drizzy was very first listening of this mixtape back in February. Every single track had me hooked and from "Lust for Life' to "Unstoppable" it shows his talent in flow and in singing. From "Successful" to "The Calm" you go inside Drake's world and get a taste of what he is saying. If this mixtape would have been sold, who knows how many it would have sold, and who knows what his debut album "Thank Me later" will bring. Just know Drake brought a classic for free and he will be here for the long run.
Favorite Tracks: "Uptown" "Lil Bit" "Lust For Life" "Let's Call it Off" "Successful" "Ignorant"

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