Monday, December 7, 2009

Robin Thicke- In tha morning X Elevatas X Diamonds

Download: Robin Thicke feat Snoop Dogg "Its in the Mornin'"
Real smooth track, one u can just chill & vibe too & snoop fits so well on this track

Download: Robin Thicke feat Kid Cudi "Elevatas"
This is somthing i definitly wouldnt expect from Thicke, its got a semi-rock edge- Cudi kills the track and my head is bobbin right away once hearing it- got a futuristic sound

Download: Robin Thicke feat The Game "Diamonds"
This is the traditional thicke track im used to with the old school rnb beat, but he does what he does and its nice- game adds a verse that u wouldnt expect to a song like this, but give an extra spice to it

Some leaks from Thicke's new album coming Dec. 15th- im still undecided about making the purchase since the last the album was good but not spectacular. I do like how he has a lot of features but i hope he doesnt get away from that soulful straight too the heart r n b.

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