Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grammy Snubs

 Dream posted on his twitter his dismay about not being nominated for his album or any of his songs- he was nominated for other peoples songs(Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, and others) but again his album was not nominated for anything. I personally liked the album alot and it should have at least got a few nods for r n b album and r n b songs. Thats why this nominations are cool, but in the end these award shows piss me off in the end. Remember Kanye's Graduation losing to Herbie Hancock(no disrespect but come on) and Coldplay losing out to some unknown last year.

Dream not happy about 2nd yr in a row being snubbed

Don't get me started on this- how could 808's not be nominated for album of the yr and or have any of the songs nominated in the bigger categories. while there were a lot of critics, this album was true genius and showed his amazing talent even more so. If Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga and Black eyed peas get huge nominations how come this isnt nominated for let alone album of the year, but not even rap album of the year, reallly? come on now- eminems relapse was a complete joke.
Also, huge props to drake being nominated for 2 awards with no album out yet. I mean so far gone should been up for best rap album no joke. successful and best i ever had should have been nominated for the bigger awards.

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