Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dissapointed thats all I can say..

With the whole Tiger woods fiasco going on the last week, with every new detail it has really hit me harder than expected. I have been a big fan ever since tiger came on the scene back in 1997 at the masters. For a lot of people, tiger has been an inspirtation for many, as golf has been seen as a sport for mainly white people. Tiger fought against odds and became the greatest golfer in the world and may end up being the best ever and or athlete overall. I knew he wasnt perfect but whenever someone in his stature is cheating on their wife, its dissapointed because with all sports stars we look up to them, as kids, and now into our adult years.  When I first heard the news, i thought it was just a car accident and hoped he was alright. what it has turned into is just madness. I listened to the voicemail he left his mistress and it was just disheartning. While his issues are due his privacy, it does affect others because Tiger Woods is one of the most popular people one earth. I know people make mistakes, we all do, but I can't say it wasn't dissapointing. I know this happens more often with sports athletes than is discussed, but is it wrong to hope some of the athletes we look up to have some morals? Charles Barkley was wrong when he said athletes werent role models. Some of the athletes of more impactful on kids today than their own parents, as kids watch their every move and model not only their athletic performace after them but their personal lives. I guess their is still hope with Tim Tebow & Albert Pujols...

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