Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Congrats Mom! STL Home Magazine

Designed with Personality in Mind

Mim Phillips of Mim Phillips Interiors offers her design philosophy: Every family has a story with “chapters” that relate to the past, the present and hopes for the future. Although design encompasses many components, such as scale, balance and proportion, it is the people who are most important in the “story.”


•Respect the home’s architecture; emphasize any interesting elements while making it your own style.

•Add some pizzazz to all your spaces – an inspirational painting, a new coat of paint or an old artifact – or why not change the symmetry!

•Keep one focal point in each room by starting with a significant piece, such as a unique stone fireplace, as a springboard for the rest of the room.

•Allow your own personality to emerge through color, art and objets d’art.

•Relax, and inject “fun” into your design plan!

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