Friday, December 18, 2009

Bruce Lee inspired Kobe V

Shouts to Kicks on Fire
Bruce Lee’s martial arts skill was always top notch and the level of skill he wielded is surely something anyone in any field envies. Kobe may very well consider himself the Bruce Lee of basketball. Enter the Bruce Lee Edition Kobe V’s.

Fans of the film will recognize the homage immediately but for the folk who aren’t movie buffs this shoes color way was ripped from his film”The Game of Death” in which lee wore a yellow and black jumpsuit. In addition to that direct homage is paid to “Enter the Dragon” via the faux cut marks on the side of the shoe in blood red. And even with the red accenting with its yellow/black color way this scheme was built for a Laker. Look for these to drop around spring/summer 2010. Via Marqueesole

Have to get theseeeeeee, even if i dont like Kobe or the lakers.... these are sooo dopeeeeeee
if i wore these when i worked out, there would be no stopping me at all haha

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