Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New IPhone App: FLYP'T

This is what the product has to say for itself- sounds almost as dope as the I AM T-PAIN app
"The day has finally come where all music consumers (with rhythm and without) can truly customize their music and share it with the world. FLYPT offers a new means of experiencing your music on a unique and revolutionary platform. Through the platform that FLYPT establishes music is once again encouraged to be purchased, and empowers the consumer through having the ability to truly own their music. FLYPT enters a booming I Phone application industry that has been described as the next step towards the new wave of business. With all major music companies on board for the project, October 26th is the date to watch when a true and easy way to customize your favorite songs is accomplished.

FLYPT offers not only a unique and addicting game like application to customize your music, but also facilitates a community through its website. In today’s society people want to be able to truly customize their lifestyle, and music is a way that many people Identify who they are and where they fit in. FLYPT offers consumers the ability to take an existing song that they enjoy, or might not enjoy, and customize its layout and structure. The FLYP’T application lets users record their moving of lyrical parts and phrases around in a song, as well as editing how those phrases trigger.

Once you have customized or “FLYP’T” your musical creation FLYPT then allows you the ability to share this music on FLYPT.net. The network allows user to post updates and interact with each other as well as give kudos to their favorite FLYPT music versions. The music will be streamed on their webpage when uploaded and top flypers will be incentives through promotions. Users also have the ability to search for FLYPT versions of their favorite artist’s songs, according to kudos and genre.

FLYP’T offers a means for artist to sell their music in a way that is new and exciting. Consumers will feel part of the creation process and artist will receive direct feedback that other means of music distribution channels don’t allow, while also establishing a place for fans to interact.

“FLYP’T was created to give users the ability to change the way a song is structured in a easy and fun way” says FLYP’T CEO Gregory Lowe. The application works by giving the user 12 pre selected pads that upon touching them trigger a phrase from the song selected. For example Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow” the phrase “They be Jockin my style” will be triggered upon the touch. All phrases also have a FX ability, phrases will have the ability to be screwed(slowed down), rolled(sped up and repeated), muffled( to create a club effect) and spun back(reverse effect on the phrase). Users will be able to trigger these phrases over the instrumental of the song and be able to save them in real time while also allowing you to play its regular version, all for only $1.99 for the app and $.99 per song through in-app purchasing.

FLYP’T has now made music fun again with this application. Offering songs from all catalogs FLYP’T becomes a platform and not just a “one off’ artist app. October 26th is the date to mark your calendars.”

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